How do I work?

Integrative Model

The Integrative model encompasses the affective, cognitive, behavioural and physiological aspects that make up our person. From this model, the most appropriate techniques and scientific methods for each particular patient are taken from the different psychotherapeutic schools. 

If you are looking for a helping hand to help you through a difficult time, this is the place for you. 



Neuropsychology is a discipline that studies the bases that relate human behaviour to the mechanisms of brain functioning.

This service offers the identification, assessment and rehabilitation of deficits associated with altered brain functioning. 

General Health Psychology

General Health Psychology is a qualification that enables psychologists to offer psychological care in the sanitary sector. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Each process is unique and there are many factors that will determine the duration of the psychological treatment; the type of problem, the motivation and involvement of the patient, the frequency of the sessions and the compliance with the guidelines given by the professional. 

In general, at the beginning of the treatment, sessions are held weekly, as this is the first exploratory phase. 

Later, sessions may be held fortnightly or monthly, depending on the patient’s progress. 

The sessions are conducted via an online platform and last 60 minutes. 

The initial sessions consist of gathering information from the patient on various areas (e.g. family, work situation, food, sleep, social support, etc.). This first phase helps the professional to understand the problem. 

In the following sessions, the person’s feelings, experiences, thoughts and concerns are explored to ensure an emotional approach and an intervention plan involving psychological techniques is developed. 

The sessions take place online and the first session is free of charge. 

The rates are as follows: 

  • Individual psychology sessions: 50
  • Neuropsychology sessions: 50 – 70 (depending on the offered service)

*Fees are variable and can be adapted according to place of residence and income. 

Cancellation or postponement of an already booked appointment must be made at least 24 hours prior to the session.

Appointments that are not cancelled within this timeframe will be charged the full cost of the session.